Tuesday, February 15

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Opening address & Poster session

 14:00 (CET) 
 08:00 (ET)
 05:00 (PT)

Photophysics with emphasis on fluorescent and luminescent signaling systems
Prof. Amilra De Silva, Queen's University Belfast
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HPTLC – the choice for lipid analysis
Dr. Melanie Broszat, CAMAG 
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 14:45 (CET) 
 08:45 (ET)
 05:45 (PT)

Dynamics and trends in molecular interaction analysis
Dr. Thomas Schubert, Creoptix
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Use and reuse of retention time information in metabolite identification in LC-MS-based metabolomics
Dr. Michael Witting, Helmholtz Centre Munich
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 15:30 (CET) 
 09:30 (ET)
 06:30 (PT) 

Leaky waveguide sensors
Dr. Ruchi Gupta, University of Birmingham
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How quantitative labs can experience a new era of efficiency with the latest app-based software
Kate Wearden, Waters Corporation
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 16:15 (CET) 
 10:15 (ET)
 07:15 (PT)

Bioanalytical methods to determine exposure to monoclonal antibodies
Lars Reinders, IEET
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Finding the perfect match: Which GC column is right for you?
Alex Ucci, Agilent
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 17:00 (CET) 
 11:00 (ET)
 08:00 (PT)

Poster session

Limitless customization with open ecosystem: How open ecosystem software can future-proof your digital lab
Lara Matthews, eLabNext
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 17:45 (CET) 
 11:45 (ET)
 08:45 (PT)

Data integrity and connectivity for lab balances
Sebastian Weber, Sartorius
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High-throughput LC/MS-based metabolomics – just how fast can you go?
Prof. Ian Wilson, Imperial College London
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 18:30 (CET) 
 12:30 (ET)
 09:30 (PT)

Prospective metabolomic studies in precision medicine: Applications to metabolic syndrome and COVID-19
Dr. Óscar Millet, CIC BioGUNE
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Simplified glycan workflows for the analysis of N-Glycans and sialic acid content of glycosylated biotherapeutics
Nandini, Agilent
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 19:15 (CET) 
 13:15 (ET)
 10:15 (PT)
SARS-CoV-2 detection in wastewater: A complete analysis workflow to support effective COVID-19 management
Dr. Christine Gräfe, Analytik Jena 
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Biodiesel industries: Present and future. Analyses and trends
Dr. Dimitris Georgantas, GF ENERGY
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 20:00 (CET) 
 14:00 (ET)
 11:00 (PT)

Needle in a haystack? Working with 3D data
Dr. Diane Turner, Anthias Consulting Limited
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